Thursday, April 27, 2023


I started earning Passive Income Selling Canva Templates as a Momprenuer in 2020 as a way to occupy my time during the pandemic and to earn passive income for our family. I was looking to build a business that was truly flexible with our busy schedule once our lives returned back to normal. I wanted to provide a consistent and impactful income for my family, without having to worry about month end deadlines or the needs of others dictating our schedule. I love the flexibility and stability that it gives our family and that I can truly work it into the nooks and crannies of our busy life. Are you a Mompreneur who is looking to earn Passive Income selling Canva Templates? Keep reading and I will share with you how easy it is to get started!


Let's talk first about what exactly Passive Income is. When you work a Corporate 9-5 or any job where you are paid for your time you have actively worked, you are trading your time for dollars. Passive Income is earning an income without actively working. You do the work up front and are paid over and over again for an unlimited amount of time, even when you are not actively working. As a Mompreneur, your time is so valuable and also very unpredictable when you have kids to tend to all day! The time that you are able to work isn't always when your job wants you to work. You need an income that is consistent even when the time that you are able to work isn't!

There are days I can easily put in a few hours creating Canva Templates for my Etsy Shop, typically it's when the kids are at school or at night after they have gone to bed. Then there are other days when life gets in the way...a child gets sick and is home from school with strep for three days and before you know it, an entire week has gone by that I am not able to work on my business at all. I used to get so stressed when I would have to call off work due when my daughter was sick, our entire life would get turned upside down and I felt pulled in so many different directions. Not to mention the extreme guilt that I felt disappointing my boss but would have felt that much worse not being there for my daughter. I was always so torn! Now I work when I can, especially when life throws you a curveball, without all of the guilt.

You will need to spend a few hours creating your canva template, Sales Funnel, and a marketing strategy but that is the great thing about passive income, you put in the hours up front to create your template, but once it is made, it can be sold multiple times over and over!


There are so many reasons to why I love selling Canva Templates, it's hard to narrow down a favorite. Start up and overhead costs are low, there is never any inventory to manage and ship, and it can all be done with the flexibility to fit any busy Mompreneur lifestyle. These are my Top 5 favorite Benefits to Selling Canva Templates:


There are many great options when you are ready to sell your Canva Templates. I currently use Etsy to sell my Canva templates, it is a great place to get started when you are first starting off as a new Mompreneur.  Etsy is a trustworthy, established and popular marketplace with an audience already searching for Canva Templates to buy. Etsy also handles the sales transactions and payments for you!

Other popular options on where to sell your Canva Templates are:

  • Marketplaces (Creative Market & Etsy)
  • Your own Website or Shop (Shopify, Podia, Kajabi, WooCommerce
There are so many options available, choose whatever option that works best for you!


When you start thinking about what Canva Templates you want to sell, focus on three things...who do you serve, what problems might they have that can be solved by your Canva Templates and what social proof can you provide that you are the right person for the job. That winning combination is what's going to keep you motivated and focused through this entire process. This is called your niche! Once you have your niche, there are several types of template options that you can create to satisfy those three things. Here are a few of the most popular types that are currently selling well on Etsy:

  • Planners
  • eBooks
  • Instagram Templates
  • Invitations
  • Party Games and Favors
  • Greeting Cards
  • Workbooks
  • Project Proposals
  • Challenges
  • Checklists
Keep in mind when coming up with your ideas for Canva Templates to sell, you will always need to focus on your niche. Canva Templates that are vague and serve too many people will get lost in the noisy Etsy marketplace. For example, Instagram Templates are a popular item to sell, however, Instagram Templates designed for a certain niche, such as Real Estate Agents, will sell even better because their content is already created for them. 

Need help with profitable Canva Template ideas to sell? I put together a FREE guide "Top 40 Profitable Canva Template Ideas to Sell", which is full of some amazing ideas to get you started.


Once you have created your Canva Template, you want to give it the attention it deserves by promoting it everywhere you can! Focus on promoting your listings on your social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tik Tok. The Etsy algorithm will work in your favor the more organic traffic you send to your listings.  The more traffic you send to your templates, the more times your templates will show up in Etsy's search tool. 

You will also want to focus on managing your Sales Funnels to create an even more efficient Canva Template business.  A Sales Funnel is a way of collecting leads (email addresses) through social media and nurturing (funneling) them through a process (series of emails) where they end up eventually purchasing from your Etsy shop. 


Selling Canva Templates will continue to be a popular choice for the busy Mompreneur and the amount of Canva Template ideas to create and sell are truly endless. Earning passive income has never been so easy! Start up and overhead costs are low, there is never any inventory to manage and ship, and it can all be done with the flexibility to fit any busy Mompreneur lifestyle. 

Are you looking to start your own Canva Template Mompreneur business or want to kick start the sales in your current Canva Template Etsy Shop? I put together a 70 page guide for you, the "Mompreneur Mission to Passive Income". It will walk you through everything you need to know about starting a profitable Canva Template Etsy Shop along with some of my greatest tips to set yourself up for long term success.⁠

Tuesday, April 25, 2023


If you want to grow your email list and increase sales for your Etsy business, an effective sales funnel is your answer! Access my free download, Etsy Sales Funnel Checklist, to learn how to set up your Etsy business for success!


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Friday, April 14, 2023



Hey there Momprenuer!  Are you struggling to set yourself apart from others within your industry in a noisy online world?  I am here to help! Download my FREE Ultimate Brand Checklist where I share my tips and tricks on building your own unique brand.


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Wednesday, April 12, 2023



Are you a Mompreneur ready to start earning Passive Income by selling digital products on Etsy? I have put together a 70 Page Mompreneur Method to Passive Income for you! My amazing guide will help guide you through step by step to opening a successful Etsy Digital Product Shop so you can start earning Passive Income today. If you have been wanting to start earning Passive Income but didn't know where to start, then you're in the right place! CLICK HERE to get started.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Hello Mompreneur!

Selling Digital Products will continue to be a popular choice for the busy Mompreneur in 2023 and the amount of digital product ideas to create and sell are truly endless. Earning passive income has never been so easy! Start up and overhead costs are low, there is never any inventory to manage and ship, and it can all be done with the flexibility to fit any busy Mompreneur lifestyle. If you are looking to start your own Digital Product Etsy shop in 2023 or want to kick start the sales in your current Etsy shop, then download my FREE TOP 40 DIGITAL PRODUCT IDEAS FOR 2023 to get started!


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Happy Wednesday Mompreneurs! With Summer coming to an end, it's time to kick your productivity up a notch when it comes to your business now that the kiddos are back to school.  

Even though you may have a few more hours in your day to work your business, those hours can go by pretty quickly and can often get away from you if you are not careful.  

How can you maximize your productivity and stay focused on your Momprenur business, especially while the kiddos are at school? I have some tips just for you!


1. Organize and Prioritize Your To Do List

Every morning I prioritize my to do list and write in my Daily Routine Printable Planner the Top 3 things I would like to get done that day.  I focus on those 3 things throughout the day and if I end up checking them off my list, then it has been a productive day.  

Anything else after that is considered gravy.  Don't try to take on the world and approach each day with a huge to do list.  You will be left feeling frustrated and disappointed. 

2. Complete Harder Tasks During the Day

Complete your harder tasks, goals and deadlines for during the day while your kiddos are at school and leave the easier tasks for your evenings and weekends when they are home. 

Do you write blog content or create Instagram Reels for your business?  Those tasks can require a lot more of your undivided attention. Save them for school days to lessen the chance of a kiddo walking into the room while you're recording a fun reel asking for a snack.

3. Focus on One Task at a Time

Focus on one task at a time with little distractions. Even though the kids are at school during the day, working from home still has it's distractions.  Turn off your phone, TV or any other distracting screen. 

Set a timer for that one task you are focusing on. If your task is too large, break it down into bite sized pieces. It will not feel so daunting to complete.

If you don't end up finishing your Top 5 things that day, give yourself some grace and move them to the top of your to do list for the next day.  

One of the hardest things for me as a Mompreneur was the urge to cross everything off my to do list all in one day.  It's easy to fall into the trap that you can do "all the things", especially while the kiddos are at school. There are days it just isn't possible. Try not to set unreasonable expectations for yourself, it can lead to overwhelm and burnout. 

By only focusing on your Top 3 things, you will end the day feeling much happier and productive.

How do you stay productive in your Momprenuer Business?  Please share in the comments below, I can not wait to hear more amazing productivity tips!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021



Hello Mompreneurs!  I hope you are all having a great week.  We are wrapping up the final 2 weeks of school, it's so hard to believe that this unpredictable 2020 school year is coming to an end.  It is certainly ending with a little more normalcy than when it began which I am so grateful for.  It truly is a blessing to see things slowly returning to normal, and with Summer on the horizon, life just feels a little more relaxed.   Although 2020 was a stressful one, I feel it forced us Mama's to pause and truly think about what we wanted for our future and for our families.  For me, I was looking to a make a career change.  As a "retired" Corporate Accountant, I had been out of the Corporate world for 8 years and was not looking to go back to the office anytime in the near future, definitely not during these uncertain times.  There is one thing that came out of 2020 that I am truly thankful for...building my Mompreneur Studio Etsy Digital Product Business.  I love the flexibility and stability that it gives our family and that I can truly work it into the nooks and crannies of our busy life.  Have you been thinking about selling digital products?  Here are my Top 5 Reasons for Selling Digital Products on Etsy.


One of the biggest challenges of running a small business is the upfront cost and time of creating products to sell, the time spent packing orders and finding space to store your inventory.  With an Etsy Digital Product business, you create your product ONCE in Canva, download the item into a shareable jpeg or pdf file, upload the same file into your Etsy listing to be purchased over and over again.  There is absolutely no inventory involved when running an Etsy Digital Product business which will save you so much time, money and the need for storage space! 


All you truly need to start an Etsy Digital Product business is a laptop/desktop computer, the PRO version of Canva and Etsy!  Opening a shop on Etsy is FREE to get started and costs only 20 cents for every product listing you create.  When designing your digital products in Canva, I do recommend purchasing the PRO version, it provides you with the ability download digital templates for you to sell and only costs $12 a month.  As a former Corporate Accountant, I love that there is very little start up and overhead costs when it comes to building an Etsy Digital Product business.  After all, this is a business not a hobby and you want to keep your costs down, especially when you are first getting started! 


As a busy Mom, you need a business that is truly flexible and one that can thrive right a long with your busy and unpredictable schedule.  With my kiddos being involved in #allthesports, I don't have the flexibility to be tied down to the tough demands of working a Corporate job or running an inventory based business.  If we are having a busy week, I do not have to stress out about finding the extra time to keep up with my business or sacrifice sleep staying up late to pack orders that need to be shipped.  My Etsy shop is already stocked with digital products to be purchased over and over again and needs very little intervention from me to continue to run efficiently.


I have to admit, I love waking up in the morning to see that I have received orders from my Etsy shop while I was asleep.  That is exactly what passive income is, creating a digital product ONCE to sell it over and over again... even while you sleep!  All of your hard work is spent up front during the digital product designing and planning process, once your item is listed, you can sit back and let your Etsy shop work it's magic.


Is there anything more stressful than taking kids to the post office? LOL! In all seriousness, selling digital products is so much easier than selling physical products for the simple reason that there is nothing for you to ship.  Once your customer purchases your digital product, it is sent to them immediately via email for them to enjoy.  You do not need to spend precious time away from your family packaging up orders, running to the post office with hundreds of boxes and children in tow or spending the extra time it would take to track orders lost in the mail for your customers.

My Mompreneur Studio business has been such a blessing to our family that I couldn't wait to share my knowledge and experience to help other Mompreneurs build a Etsy Digital Product Business of their very own!  Are you ready to start or do you currently sell digital products on Etsy?  I have put together a 70 Page Etsy Digital Product Planner for you! My amazing planner will help guide you through step by step to opening a successful Etsy Digital Product Shop.  If you have been wanting to start an Etsy Digital Product business but didn't know where to start, you're in the right place!